This network intends to enhance the relationship between the local creative scene, resulting in greater discovery, participation, and commerce. Draba focuses on amplifying local, alternative, and homegrown talent and establishments.



  • Champion discovery and engagement through promotion and endorsement of localized creative content, activities and events.


  • Provide a digital platform that gives equal opportunity to unique marketplace exposure, unbiased by advertisements, that yields greater client acquisition.

  • Advocate socially-conscious initiatives that enhance the quality of life in local communities




Draba is a digital marketplace (platform) that seeks to stimulate and promote a network of socially conscious communities consisting of local creatives and establishments.



A network of flourishing local communities that promote cultural commerce throughout the U.S.


Draba seeks to cultivate local communities that are thriving and growing through the cultural arts.   Flourishing communities attract and develop creative talent that enhances local culture through greater engagement and participation in the cultural arts.    

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